Divorce (also known as dissolution) is one of the most turbulent times in a person's life.  Having a strong support system in place, both personally and professionally, is critically important.  San Diego Certified Family Law Specialist Jennifer Britt has the experience and compassion to get you the results you need during this trying time.  She will advise you about your legal rights and obligations and will give you realistic expectations at all times during your representation.  Jennifer is committed to ensuring that your voice is heard and that you thoroughly understand the process.

Jennifer will provide you advice regarding all issues with your matter as each individual situation is unique.  Many divorces contain community property division issues, separate property issues, custody and visitation issues involving children, child support and spousal support issues as well as the potential for a military divorce with its' own special considerations.  Schedule your free 30-minute consultation with Jennifer today to begin working towards your new future with her expert guidance.