Jennifer Britt is By Far the Best Family Law Attorney in San Diego County - 

Just when you think the sweetheart of a wife you’ve known for 26 years would never do anything to hurt you, you find out otherwise when you file for divorce and she wants you physically harmed and left homeless to teach you a lesson. That is why I am glad that I retained the services of Jennifer Britt’s Law Firm, Denham & Britt, LLP. The previous attorney I had was absolutely inept and very costly to say the least. What the previous law firm could not accomplish in two years, Jennifer Britt accomplished in a year. Jennifer Britt is by far the best family law attorney in San Diego County. Jennifer’s extensive knowledge of family law is by leaps and bounds above the rest. She is quick witted and remains calm when opposing counsel loses their cool. Her attention to detail and knowledge saved me thousands of dollars and unneeded headaches. Jennifer can be very aggressive and resourceful when the need arises which is what you want when opposing counsel is just as unreasonable and bullheaded as her client. Thanks to Jennifer’s professional and personal advice, I was able resolve my divorce through mediation.

Thank you so much Jennifer, my life is slowly getting back on track and thanks to you I have a new home and I am starting a new business.

Love you Jennifer, I hope that it is not inappropriate of me to say so but you have no idea how grateful I am that you came into my life just at the right time.


Exceptional Divorce Attorney

I hired Attorney Jennifer Britt to handle my child custody and support case based on a recommendation of a family friend. I had previously hired a lawyer and because of the contentious and complex nature of my divorce I wasn’t properly represented.  After the consultation with her I believed that I could count on her experience to properly represent me and do what was best for my children. I knew I needed an attorney who was familiar with the process and attentive to my individual concerns. Jennifer provided all of that, and in addition helped me personally by offering her advice and really listening to me. She told me on more than one occasion what she would do in my situation and suggested what battles to fight and what would likely be a waste of time and money.  She not only helped me to secure a very favorable outcome in my proceedings, but spent more than one occasion on the phone with me late in the evening when I needed guidance. I’m happy to say that as a lawyer she represented my needs extremely well. I’m even more pleased to say that throughout the entire ordeal I felt like I’d not only secured an exceptional attorney, but added a much needed loyal friend in the process.


Tough Lawyer and Compassionate Human Being

I can’t thank Jennifer Britt enough for her legal services and support with my custody and child support case. Even in this day and age it’s difficult for a father to get custody of a child but my daughter was in a dangerous situation and Jennifer acted promptly and efficiently and got her removed and placed in my care. From there we went on to get full custody and child support and now my daughter is safe and thriving! She handled difficult and emotional issues with tact and care and really went to bat for me in court. Jennifer was not only a competent attorney she was compassionate and personable and was genuinely concerned in making sure that my daughter was safe and cared for. She is a rare combination of tough lawyer and compassionate human being. While I hope to not need any legal services in the future, if I do I know I will be calling Jennifer and her team!


Intelligent & Hard-working San Diego Family Law Attorney

Going through my divorce was not easy by any means, but having Jennifer Britt represent me certainly was a huge positive aspect throughout.  She was very thorough, not only in her knowledge as a family law attorney, but also in her understanding of my specific situation and desired outcome.  Jennifer was very honest and upfront with me during our discussions on key matters, including the pros and cons of differing strategies, throughout the entire divorce process.  She also explained things to me in “plain English,” which helped me to make more informed and fair decisions in order to bring my case to a positive and timely outcome.  Most importantly, Jennifer was always available to communicate with me in a timely fashion whether it be via email, phone call, or meeting in person.  Even several years after my divorce has settled, Jennifer continues to keep in touch with me and my family and I know she’s there if I ever need her again.   If you are looking for an intelligent, hard-working, family law attorney in California, then there is no need to look any further.   Her name is Jennifer Britt!  She is a cut above the rest and someone who will truly be on your side and concerned for your best interests from start to finish.



Best Divorce Attorney Around!

I hired Jennifer Britt to help me through my divorce. She was wonderful at this most difficult time in my life. Her kindness and legal knowledge were superb! Her expertise and attention to detail were excellent. She was always quick to respond and had great communication. She had my back and protected my interest to the fullest. I would be amiss if I did not also mention how amazing her Paralegal, Ann Batson was. She was there for me like a dear friend, her compassion was a breath of fresh air during this awful situation. I am so grateful for their service and recommend Jennifer Britt and her firm whole-heartedly to anyone needing a divorce attorney!